Ceratec Group is fast growing into one of Pune’s leading brands in the real estate industry.
We have our belief system to thank for that.

We recognize that our customers’ investment in us is more than financial – it symbolizes tremendous
trust. We stepped into creating lifestyles in real estate with a strong foundation of quality and
expertise, with customers at the center of our attention. We want to offer lifestyle possibilities that are
accessible, with a value that keeps growing. Over the years, with numerous successful deliveries, we
have emerged as a name that customers can easily rely on.

Ceratec Group was founded in the year 2000, to provide holistic lifestyle spaces,
building futuristic state-of-the-art homes for every budget. And we stand by our commitment.

Commitment to Quality

From construction to lifestyle, significant knowledge and expertise go into designing every detail.

Commitment to Accessibility

We select our locations strategically but also ensure that they are within the reach of our customers
financially, making them more viable.

Commitment to Reliability

Trust needs to be earned. We have earned ours through ethical business practices, professional
conduct, and timely deliveries.

We strive for excellence, and it reflects in every aspect of the customers’ journey with us. Right from
the first inquiry to living in a Ceratec home, experience matters. We welcome you to a home and an
experience, which you can cherish for years to come.

Looking for a home?

At Ceratec, we ensure high standards of quality and committed deliveries with every property that we offer. Find affordable options at the choicest locations, to make the most of your home as well as your investment. Allow us to tell you more.